Military Tax Filing Options

Many choices exist to help our armed force military personnel prepare and file their tax returns for FREE. With these options you can also find programs that will work for non military individuals and families as well.

IRS Free File Tax Filing Option

The IRS Free File Alliance Program has been extended for an additional five years. EVERYONE is Eligible to use Free File!

With the IRS Free File Alliance, the IRS and participating top brand-name tax software companies offer free options for you to prepare and e-file your federal return for free. Participating software companies make their products available through the IRS. Some also support state tax returns.

By following the Free File four-step process you can quickly and easily prepare and file your federal income tax return for free!

  1. Start by gathering your tax preparation documentation.
    A copy of last year's tax return and your W-2s, 1099s, etc.
    Determine your AGI (adjusted gross income)
    Review the Free File FAQs for more program information.
  2. Choose a Free File Option
    Use Free File Tax Software, available with AGI of $57,000 or less.
    Browse the list of participating Free File companies to choose one that's right for your needs. Some include state tax filing.
  3. Or Use Free File Fill-able Forms.
    Everyone is eligible to use the Free File Fill-able Forms, This is an online version of the paper forms designed for tax filers that are comfortable with preparing their own tax returns. This option performs only basic calculations and does not offer state tax filing.
  4. Transmit your tax return electronically to the IRS by using the secure IRS e-file and use direct deposit to get your tax refund quickly and safely. Or pay taxes owed electronically.

TurboTax Free Tax Filing Options

TurboTax Military Edition

One of the best choices for our armed force personnel to prepare and file their return for FREE with full military deduction and benefit support. Get more information about TurboTax Military Edition Tax Software.

TurboTax Freedom Edition

TurboTax Tax Freedom Edition offers Free Online Tax Preparation to Active Military Members and Low-Income Taxpayers, Including:

  • Active duty military members with an AGI of $57,000 or less.
  • All taxpayers with AGI (adjusted gross income) of $31,000 or less.
  • All taxpayers eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

TurboTax Free Edition

The TurboTax Free Edition is a good choice for tax filers that have simple tax filing needs and don't require detailed guidance in preparing their tax return.

More Military Tax Software Options

H&R Block - Military OneSource

Another great choice for our troops is the Military OneSource tax preparation by HR Block At Home Online. It's the only direct cooperation between the military and a top brand software company. This is a great choice that is specifically set up for military personnel.

e-Smart-Tax Free Military Tax Filing

Liberty Tax Service offers eSmart-Tax software for Active Duty Military Personnel to prepare and file their federal and state tax returns for free. This program allows active duty service members to use eSmart Tax's Premium online tax software. The Premium Edition is the best choice for basic to complex tax returns, and includes unlimited tax support. Plus, you can also file an extension for free and complete your tax return later.

FreeTaxUSA Military Tax Preparation

Free Tax USA (a TaxHawk, Inc. owned and operated website) offers Free Military Tax Software to active duty, retired, and reserve status military personnel so they can prepare and e-File a federal tax return for free. State tax return preparation will cost $9.95, and includes state e-file. With no mention of person-to-person help for tax questions on the website, it is safe to assume that FreeTaxUSA doesn't offer this service. This service is available for simple or complex tax returns and Includes Audit Assist service that provides a specialist for advice if you get audited.

TaxSlayer Free Military Tax Filing

TaxSlayer offers FREE Online Tax Software that they make available to all active duty military members. This includes Reservists and National Guard members. All active duty service member that receive a W-2 form with one of the 12 EIN codes (Employer ID Numbers, located in box B on your W-2 form), qualify for TaxSlayer Free Military Tax Software. You can prepare both a federal tax return and unlimited state returns and e-File both for free. Live phone support is also available at no charge.

TaxACT Free Federal Edition

The TaxACT Free Federal Edition is available for FREE for all military personnel to prepare, print and e-file their federal income tax return online. With TaxAct, this tax software offers you the option to install software for preparing and filing your return on a Windows PC instead of completing your return online. The software CD for this runs $5.95 for federal tax preparation, and state return preparation can be added for $14.95. The tax preparation interview process covers all military-related income and tax deductions. A Military Life Events Guide is also included for free along with unlimited tax help via email.

With the choices listed above, there is no reason that anyone serving in the U.S. Armed Forces should miss out on special military tax deductions and benefits that can help them keep more of their military income by paying less in taxes to our old buddy Uncle Sam...

Are Your Eligible For Free Military Tax Preparation?

It's important to note that on base tax preparation is often limited to active duty members and their families. Eligibility in some cases may extend to members of the Guard or Reserves, as well as retired armed force members and their families, along with civilian personnel depending on resources available.

Some tax filing options for preparing your taxes for free are made available based the specific tax forms you need to prepare your return. Your income also may play a factor in available services and discounts. Many top rated tax software companies such as TurboTax offer a free version that covers basic forms. They may also be free if your Adjusted Gross Income is below a certain threshold, such as TurboTax Freedom. The free tax software editions are generally online versions.

Free tax software options vary depending on military status, and rank. Your W2 becomes a factor in determining your military status and the discount you are eligible to receive on your tax preparation services.