2019 - 2020 Military Taxes
And Tax Filing Support

Over the last several years, Americans have been subjected to an ever increasingly childish display of governing from our politicians. Aside from the lack or hair pulling and crying, there is little to distinguish them from what you might term as little spoiled brats.

Like many times before, we again observed a series of tense Capitol Hill confrontations over a pile of expiring tax code provisions. Now many Americans may be looking for additional assistance in understanding how some of these issues may effect their tax situation.

Specialized Free Military Tax Support For 2019 Federal Income Tax Filing Assistance

Military Tax Support On Base

Fortunately for our armed forces, most military installations offer tax support venues to help service members and their families.

Military Tax Filing SupportOne such venue is the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITI). The VITA offers income tax support through certified community volunteers that are trained by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to help Armed Force Personnel with their tax filing tasks.

These volunteers understand military-specific tax issues so they can put those who are confused on military taxation at ease. Best of all, this tax preparation advice come as a FREE service that won't cost you a dime.

Military Tax Support Online

For online support you can get complete details of tax support options by downloading IRS Publication 3, Armed Forces' Tax Guide, which covers many important military-related tax topics for armed service members and reservists alike.

The Publication 3, Armed Forces' Tax Guide covers the special tax situations and benefits for active members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Military members should also observe the basic tax rules that apply to all taxpayers since most of these tax laws apply to service members as well.

Additional support for military pensions or veterans' benefits is available through the Veterans Pension Program

Publication 3 may also be ordered over the phone by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676).

Tax Laws That Could Effect Military Tax Software and Support Venues for 2020

Should you be worried about changes to your 2019 Income Tax Return and what financial effects they will have on your wallet?

Income Tax Brackets have changed somewhat with a rise in tax bracket rates for all Americans, and the addition of an additional tax brackets for various income ranges including 37% for incomes over $500,000 and above if filing single, $600,000 and above for joint filers.

2019 Income Tax Brackets

Rate Individuals Married Filing Jointly
10% Up to $9,525 Up to $19,050
12% $9,526 to $38,700 $19,051 to $77,400
 22% 38,701 to $82,500 $77,401 to $165,000
24% $82,501 to $157,500 $165,001 to $315,000
32% $157,501 to $200,000 $315,001 to $400,000
35% $200,001 to $500,000 $400,001 to $600,000
37% over $500,000 over $600,000

These rate changes don't constitute a dramatic change in taxation but it does show that the government believes the economy and Americans can start to support digging out of it's overly senseless spending habit debt by paying Uncle Sam a little more of our income.

How Military Members Can Protect Their Finances

As we roll forward into 2020, don't ignore the frugal sense within. Since life is getting more expensive, and our debt ceiling it increasing, the overall economic future is unpredictable.

Military Member BudgetingTherefore. keeping a good rein on your finances is important for insuring a safety net, and comfort with every day expenses. Take a look at your monthly expenses and expenditures to see if maybe a bigger chunk than should be is going toward some over lavish fun.

Tighten up your budget. As taxes do increase, you can be better prepared to accommodate these increases without big changes in your financial comfort if you simply avoid wasteful spending.

Stay alert. Keeping informed on military tax benefits will help you take advantage of special breaks that can add up to big annual savings.

2019 - 2020 Military Tax Software

Don't go at it alone! Military tax software solutions exist that can help you uncover more of these tax breaks that you should be  taking advantage of. Top choices like the TurboTax Military Tax Software Edition offer step by step support to guide you toward bigger savings.

H&R Block also offers Military OneSource tax filing guidance for armed service personnel to file their taxes online. Additional military tax filing options offer alternatives for getting your tax return prepared.

When it comes to tax laws and tax breaks, nobody knows it all. However, top tax software choices are programmed with all this information so that no stone is left unturned. This in turn insures military tax filers that any tax break available will be discovered.

Pentagon 2019 Military Budget:

The 2019 Defense Budget signed into law on December 12, 2017 by President Trump included a defense budget of just under $700 billion in defense spending along with a 2.4% increase in military pay and a .7% increase in BAH.

For 2020, the Defense Budget was approved by Congress and signed by President Trump with a 2.6 percent pay increase and a $716 billion national defense budget. This includes Military Benefits & Compensation as follows:

  • Military service member pay increase of 2.6 percent
  • Unchanged TRICARE Fee
  • Unchanged - Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)
  • $10 million in impact aid for severely disabled military children.
  • Basic Allowance for Subsistence Rates: proposed BAS rate increase is 3.4%.
  • Basic Allowance for Housing Rates: proposed BAH rate increase is 2.9%.
  • Totally disabled veterans are now eligible for Space-A travel.
  • MWR benefits will be available to Purple heart, Medal of Honor, service-connected disabled veterans, and family caregivers starting in 2020.
  • SGLI Increases to $400,000 when deployed in a combat zone.

Military Personnel

  • Directs next steps for a Space Force
  • Facilities & Program Investments
  • Increase military’s authorized active-duty end strength by 15,600
  • Recognized importance of modernizing and strengthening the Committee on Foreign Investment to guard against national security risks to foreign investment
  • Provides waiver relief to key U.S. partners and allies from certain Russian-related sanctions.