TurboTax 2018 - 2019 Military Tax Software Guidance and Support

As a veteran, it's never hard to see that in many cases our system falls way short of taking care of our troupes properly while on duty and, after they come home.

Anyone who has ever served in the military can see how complicated and cumbersome military pay and benefits can be to understand. This becomes a big hindrance to military personnel when trying to discover, understand and claim tax benefits that are specifically designed to reward our armed force personnel for their service. Rest assured, TurboTax 2018 - 2019 tax software can help.

Armed Force personnel base pay is enhanced by a variety of nontaxable benefits such as BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence), BAH (basic Allowance for Housing), incentive pays, tax free combat zone pay, injured veteran benefits, and more.

Military families face many challenges that a military spouse can get tax relief from with the right support and knowledge.

The TurboTax Military Tax Software Guidance is designed to take the complications out of military tax filing for you and your family by helping you handle the tough questions.

TurboTax Military Support helps you determine what you can deduct, who you can claim, what tax law changes effect you, what military benefits you qualify for, how to file a joint return with a deployed service member, and much more.

Additionally, more complications may exist for military service member’s if they have to file more than one state return because of their (or their spouses) state of residency, or if they have moved in the previous tax year. TurboTax Military Guidance Specializes in helping you handle these tough questions and many more to insure you get the biggest refund.

TurboTax Military - Specialized Tax Software Guidance for Benefits and Deductions

The Turbo Tax Military Guidance is specifically designed to help all junior service men and women who rank between E-1 to E-5 to file their taxes for FREE. Plus, officers who rank between E-6 to E-10 are able to file their tax returns for a reduced fee with Turbo Tax Military Tax Filing.

The TurboTax Military Tax Software Guidance covers common topics that can affect tax return results for military members. It guides them through a series of questions that are designed to maximize their refund, and covers many issues that military members may not be aware of that could affect their tax return. Many important factors play a role in this including BAH and BAS tax free benefits, combat pay, uniform deductions, dependents, filing for multiple state residency with spouses, permanent change of station moves, and special tax provisions for earned income tax credits. Many factors affect tax refunds...

Key Features in TurboTax Military Tax Filing Support are designed to help you get every military tax break you can qualify for and deserve!

Military tax breaks, in a sense, are rewards for being the safe keepers of our nation. You could also look at it as a form of gratitude bestowed on military personnel for their courage, bravery and dedication in protecting our freedom. Tax perks that are well deserved!

TurboTax 2018 Military Tax Deduction Support

This TurboTax Military Tax Filing Support is formatted with step-by-step guidance for your active service pay as well as any outside income earned on the side. This includes spousal income, income earned from any civilian job you may have held, profits from the sale of your home, or gambling winnings.

It helps you find the biggest tax deductions for military-related expenses including: new uniform purchases, moving expenses, military travel and other deductions you are entitled to claim as military expenses.

TurboTax Military Guidance is customized for active duty military and reservists, and includes extra support from TurboTax experts that know the difference between "basic pay" and "combat pay."

U.S. armed force tax benefits offer a wide range of supported deductions from education assistance all the way thru retirement.

TurboTax Continues To Offer Free Online Tax Preparation to Active U.S. Military Personnel and Low-Income Taxpayers.

With cooperation thru the Internal Revenue Service’s Free File program, TurboTax continues to support efforts to bring FREE tax preparation to armed force members as well as low income Americans with the nation’s No.1-Top rated tax software. Qualified taxpayers can prepare and file their tax return thru the IRS Free File Alliance Program by choosing one of the participating companies like TurboTax to take advantage of this FREE Tax Filing option. See if you qualify today...

When United States armed forces members are deployed outside of the U.S. during tax season. TurboTax can help them file a tax extension thru the Internal Revenue Service. Note: The IRS is prevented from assessing taxes, demanding payments or opening a tax return examination while a military member is serving in a qualifying capacity.

The IRS grants many military and support personnel an extension on several income tax related deadlines including:

  • Filing income and employment tax returns
  • Filing for a tax refund or claiming credit
  • Making income and employment tax payments
  • Making qualified contributions to an IRA account
  • Responding to IRS notices and inquiries